FNWF and Sophie’s Universe progress


I left things last week showing you my progress up to part 7  Sophie’s Universe CAL which I missed doing last year, so I thought I would try to make it this year. Img_1621b

Sophie’s Universe part 8


Part 9


Part 10


Part 11


Part 12 close up


Part 12

I began Friday Night With Friends last night, 1 round in, of part 13


Close up at the start of Friday night.


Arthur demonstrating the hound principle of “if you lay it they will come.”


I finished all of part 13


Close up of part 13.


By the end of my FNWF, I was half way through part 14.

I feel now that I may be able to finish the full throw. Not bad for my first mandala crochet attempt!

I’ll see if it can be finished this weekend, – it’s frosty outside and perfect weather for staying in with a warm project in your lap.

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Happy New Year

This is the current progress on Sophie’s Universe. It was a crochet a long (CAL) which I missed last year.

I am such a newbie to crochet. I went in to this project knowing trebles, doubles, half double, singles, and knowing how to do increases and decreases in doubles thanks to a wave blanket. This has been a huge learning curve!

A wonderful learning curve!

My word for 2016 thanks to “Unravelling the Year 2016” is STIMULATING! This project is certainly that! I’m managing so far thanks to the photo tutorials and videos. I may not get to the very end, but I will go as far as I can.

image image image image image image image image

So here I am today with parts 1-7 completed and the yarn for part 8 lined up ready for today’s adventure.


Aino Mittens blog

These mittens were originally made by Aino Sibelius the wife of the Finnish composer who wrote Finlandia. The kit, sold online by the Flying Mitten in Jarvenpaa, was a Christmas present. They were my very final make of 2015. I decided to work on them when it was dark, after reading that Aino would go to a friends house to meet with other ladies at night to read, sew or knit. So these are my Moonlight Aino Mittens. The pattern is gorgeous and a real joy to make.


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