Peppercorn Hat, Teddy Picnic, Turquoise Jacket

Hat to match the coat for Bailey 6-12m size. Boots will follow.

Ainsdale has a friend with a cream sponge cake and sandwich. He has a cup and pot of tea and a jam tart. Must make them some healthy sandwiches, doughnuts, choc cake, cream horn, swiss roll, pastries etc. soon. Ooo and more crockery to put them on. Perhaps I should make a hamper?
The idea is that Ainsdale will have his own picnic set and a little box bed when I give him to my son for his birthday. I think he ought to have a ribbon at some point.
My daughter’s birthday is in October and Linnet will be hers -again complete with bits. Her bag has a cream fan decoration and a plaited strap.

My machine which can do buttonholes is finally back. I paid oodles for it to be serviced but it still hiccuped when it came back spewing thread under the fabric and unable to do buttonholes. This time the chap fiddled for ages and it works. Phew! One less thing on my list of unfinished bits. I hate having too many things hanging around half done.
All french seamed as this vintage (1960s) large threaded linen frayed as soon as you looked at it. Some seams are also royal blue bias trimmed. Buttons are royal blue too. Topstitching is in white.

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