Photo Frames

The “Scatter Kindnesses” photo frame is a birthday present for the owner of Patched Pumpkin- Sally. It should smell of cherries as I used a scented spray when ironing the fabric. Her shop really is a lovely place -very calming and brilliant to brouse for loads of treasures. A real haven in a mad speeded up world where people happily speed in roads full of holiday children just to save a few minutes and risk a life. Rant over. 🙂

The other was made for a photo of Angel my dog. The pattern for the Angel at the top and the heart outline came from a primitive angel booklet. The wings were made out of wood in the booklet, but I made them from flannel, stuffed them and then sewed the wing detail. I stuffed behind the head with spicy apple scent. In the booklet they used cloves for her hair, but I opted for a more hippy look. LOL If I have a guardian angel she is probably a harassed looking creature wearing multi coloured clothes and has forgotton to brush her hair that morning.

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