Green Man and Pond

Well there’s not an awful lot to show apart from my arms covered in blobs of paint and scratches. Our bedroom though is pure snowy white now as are all ceilings which needed another coat after the water damage from slipped roof slates.

Yesterday I painted out neighbour’s fence for her- cedar red. As I had the brush in hand, the play shed is also now red cedar. It was known as the Dead Red Shed as when we ordered it the ones we saw were were golden but when it arrived it was a pink/red stain.

Today’s lovely task was to paint the front wall top stones and gate posts in masonry paint (white) and prune the front garden. So far I’m at 6 bin bags which are heading for the recycling with hubby and I’m heading for the bath.

I did manage to play with Fimo while watching Nanny Mc Fee (“Nurse Matilda” for those who loved the books) yesterday and came up these:

I think the green man will hang in the centre of the oak wreath. I’ve tried to find out more about the symbol (it is on a lot of medieval buildings round Oxfordshire-Herefordshire) so I think it is likely to be a druid inspired symbol (oak groves were sacred sites as should apple trees as that’s where mistletoe grows well) nicked by the Romans to symbolise Pan then nicked by the Christians to symbolise new birth from Christ. If anyone knows more I’d love to know.

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