Oxford Museum of Natural History + Makings


Welcome to the Oxford Museum of Natural History. WordPress yet again cannot understand the concept of a portrait photograph, so apologies.


The building dates from the 1860s and was designed as a cathedral to glorify the natural world with its soaring iron arches and great use of glass.


The iron arches were decorated in similar motifs to Medieval decorated churches.


The dinosaurs are a big draw.


Reconstruction of the face.


This Diictodon had such a sweet face. I had to share.

IMG_2597 IMG_2598

Children are encouraged to touch exhibits such as this black bear. It is probably the only opportunity most would get to feel the layers of its warm coat.


The floor tiles in a corridor had me thinking of pieced borders.


Each arch has a different motif.


Upstairs you can appreciate the light, space and vision of the architect.


There is a small cafe hiding up here. Some scenes for Inspector Morse have been filmed here.


There is a cloister feel to the quad around the glassed atrium centre.


Many small dinosaurs.


Statues of the great and good by the entrance.


As beautiful as it is, the building remains unfinished. The carving around the door is incomplete.


The building I shared on the moonlight walk to the right of the museum. I love its quirkiness.


The outside of the Gothic-revival style museum.


If we carry along Parks Road we come to the Art Deco part of the Bodleian Library on the corner of Broad Street. You wouldn’t believe that parts of it are underneath the roads here, linking with Duke Humfrey’s Library which is behind the Clarendon Building in the centre of the photo.


To the right of the Clarendon Building on Broad Street is the Sheldonian Theatre with the Emperor’s Heads surrounding it (cake in a previous post).


Inspector Morse has also been known to pop in The White Horse on Broad Street.


Broad Street with Balliol College to the right.

I hope you enjoyed a little trip around Oxford. Next time I will take you to see Waterperry Gardens.

Now for a little crafting update:

Pumpkinville 8 Block is finished.


As well as Pumpkinville 9.


My 3rd pair of mittens designed by Aino Sibelius the wife of the Finnish composer. These have now arrived with their new owner.  Lots more bits in the pipeline! Will share as soon as they are finished.

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  • Tracy says:

    That Natural History Museum is a wonder!! Not least for all the specimens, but the architecture & interior! Wow–truly stunning! It is great fun to be back on another walk in Oxford with you here. 🙂 Your Pumpkinville is the sweetest place–love the quilt shop! The mittens are just sooo elegant and beautiful. I like that they are designed by someone famous! Such pretty old-fashioned charm, those mittens. You do such exquisite work, my friend! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  • Melody says:

    Thank you so much, I loved the tour. And a delightful bunny Hill quilt. Equals a fabulous post.

  • Anne-Lise says:

    What a beautiful building – will put on my to do-list! I love Oxford (Morse and Lewis, too ), The miittens are lovely, look nice and warm.

  • Dear Melanie,
    what a gorgeous monument, wonderful architecture. Thank you for the pictures. Love your pumpkin block and the mittens.

  • Ulla says:

    Thank you for showing the dinosaur halls, hidden behind plastic during my visit there. The arches are a beautiful detail of that great building.
    Pumpkinville is built in a totally different style but very lovely! You could teach a class knitting Aino’s mittens with your experience of three pairs ; o) !

  • Deb says:

    I love your crooked photos. You are such a history buff, it’s always so interesting to read about all of these places.
    More wonderful makings!!

  • jeanie says:

    What a great post! Truly enjoyed your tour — Oxford is a place I’d love to visit sometime. I keep thinking “next time.” I hope I actually GET a next time!

  • jeanie says:

    Melanie, not sure what is up with your commenting but I’ve tried to go back to comments on your earlier posts I’ve missed. Seems like I’ve missed a lot and wondering if I’m having a problem with notifications of new posts. I’m having that problem on some blogspot blogs but not all of them. Anyway, I tried to leave a comment but there was no comment box so maybe you closed them. Still, just wanted to say I was really enjoying the magnificent photos from ALL OVER Oxford, not just this post!