Finale Sophie’s Universe


Part 14 Sophie’s Universe


Part 14 close up


Part 15


Part 15 close up


Part 16


Part 16 close up


Part 17


Part 18


Part 18 close up

This was the official end of Sophie’s Universe but there was the option of adding a border, so I did.


Da Dar! Sophie’s Universe all finished.

19 days in the making learning American Crochet terms as I went along.


It was all made from acrylic yarn in stash.

If you are looking for a project to help you learn more crochet techniques, I can recommend this one. There were photo tutorials throughout and also videos for when you got stuck.


Close up of the border with yellow tulips.


Sorry this blog post is 2 days late. I’ve been back home.


i made a pair of socks while travelling. I’ll share them next time along with some pics of home.

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  • Anne Marie says:

    Yippie You made a wonderful finish!!!
    So colorful and lots and lots of work… I am impressed Melanie 🙂

  • Deb says:

    Wow it looks so different with the border. Fantastic outcome.
    So how was Oxford?

  • Gorgeous X 2! What else can I say? What can you do next? I mean it’s going to be hard to top that.

  • Tracy says:

    Woooo-hoooo!! Feels like we should have a BIG party to celebrate this beautiful finish! I guess that is what we’re doing here in the comments! It is just such a SPECTACULAR finish, Melanie! It’s just outrageously gorgeous and brilliant and beautiful! As Terri say, this one’s going to be hard to beat. Kind of one of those once-in-a-lifetime type of projects. So VERY HAPPY for you that you had some good time home in Oxford. Look forward to news/pics from your trip! 🙂 Is that an Oxford cake?! Happy days settling in again… ((HUGS))

  • Ulla says:

    Sophie’s Universe is amazing, and you have learned many new tricks for future projects.

  • Sylvia says:

    Dear Melanie,
    your Sofie’s Universe is just gorgeous. Love the colors and all the different crochet techniques. A unique piece of art.

  • Lynn says:

    Wow! It’s a work of art! It’s so beautiful you could hang it up. Really exquisite work.