Frabjous Day Caloo Calay!!!!!!!!!!!


This little jumper is being sewn up at the moment.


Tilt head left to see this quick chunky jumper. It was my first curved lower edge.


I found the perfect socks for my pumps.


Thanks to Lyla being my study buddy keeping me sane when my brain was melting, I passed my final course. I found out my result last night, and still haven’t got over it!


Now this is where I have been instead of in Blogland: the laundry room. It’s re-plastered in a lot of places, re-wired, re-tiled and re-plumbed with a Belfast sink and worktop.


My hands got very sore and tired so not a lot of crafting has been happening.


It isn’t quite finished -there is a door to hang, and cupboards to level, silicon sealant to go around, and the base board to put under the cupboards.

I simply had to share though as I love it!


Squeak had a dental and extractions yesterday. Post op, the little Cyprus girls Lyla


and Tia Maria dog-sat her. It was something we had happen in the last 15 years with greyhounds, but this was the first time we had seen it with non greyhounds. They sense when a family member is unwell and so sit with them in turn so each dog has a break but that the unwell one is never alone. They had her back literally!

It is yet another little way they show their affection for their pack and family. Mostly though they keep bringing me socks! LOL

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  • Ulla says:

    Congratulations on your big achievement(s)!
    The laundry room looks great, and the story about the dogs is very touching.

  • Sylvia says:

    Dear Melanie,
    did I understand it right, you have graduated? If so, congratulations.
    Your laundry room is nicer than my living room, wonderful refinish and your knitting is so adorable. Love the different colors of the little sweather.

  • Yvonne says:

    Congratulations on your results! Wonderful news and all that effort was worthwhile after all. Wishing Squeak a speedy recovery. Isn’t it lovely when the dogs get on well together like that. The laundry is looking great– I am impressed that you are doing it yourself.

  • Annie says:

    Sorry it has been so long. You are such an angel to adopt another dog. How lucky they all are to have you and you them.
    I was sick this week and my cat Max babysit me, would not leave me.
    Animals are wonderful.
    I love all your makings and that sink!
    And last, but not least congrats on passing your course!
    Lots of love.

  • Tracy says:

    Ooo… HOORAY for your BRILLIANT pass!! I knew you would make–and with flying colors! And honors to sweet Lyla for helping you through the last bit–such cute pic of her in graduate regalia! Speaking of flying colors–so much happy color here, Melanie! LOVE the rainbow jumper… and the socks to match your rainbow-enhanced pumps!! The laundry room is a triumph–it’s beautiful! Such good work. You deserve a good break now! I love all the bright, whiteness of the room–very laundry. Care to come help us revive our sad, tired laundry cubby-hole?! ;o) Ah, poor Squeak… hope she is feeling a bit better now. Look at the great mound of dog-sweetness! It is wonderful to see all the dogs, and to see how they’re bonding together, and how you all are becoming a pack. :o) How to curb the laundry-theivery though??!! LOL… Happy Summer Days with much to celebrate there! ((BIG HUGS))

  • Deb says:

    WAHOO, Congratulations on your achieving your degree and Hons. I knew you would do it no problem. We will have to bow to you now when we see you. I love your laundry room, it is absolutely stunning and as always you make a beautiful job of everything you do. You should really do interior decorating for people. Lyla looks cute with the mortar board on.
    I am really proud of you as always. xx

  • Congratulations on your class work finish! and passing! Atta Girl! We are so happy you are back to blogland.
    Sorry to see Squeak is under the weather, but she has nurses to keep her company. Love that.
    I’m getting a new laundry room, too – maybe on Wednesday next week the house will close and we can move in. All our stuff is in the house, sitting around in boxes. At least we didn’t have to put it in storage and get it all back out again.
    Enjoy your new spot.