A new addition


Tia Maria (at the moment) a tiny hound to complete our family.

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  • Yvonne says:

    I am not surprised you are bringing another dog home to the UK. It must be so difficult when you are faced with so many dogs looking for a home. Tia Maria is a lucky dog and I am sure will be spoilt by your human and doggy families.

  • House Elf says:

    I’ve been helping a charity publicise their dogs. Are you on Facebook Yvonne?

  • She’s adorable. Hope she is also well behaved and fits in with the other inhabitants of your home.

  • Ulla says:


  • jeanie says:

    Welcome to Tia Maria! She looks so dear!

  • Deb says:

    WHAT…..!!!!!!!! Look what happens when you go on holiday.
    Nah she is adorable. At this rate you guys will never be empty nesters, lol

  • simone says:

    Another cutest housemate!!! How fun (o:

  • Tracy says:

    Another pup??!! Oh, soooo SWEET she is!! And I’m not at all surprised! I would have been surprised if you didn’t bring another one home. ;o) Hope all goes well bringing this lil’ beauty home and she makes a good fit with all in your pack. Can’t wait to hear/see more! Happy Summer Days! we’re just back from our travels… getting over jet lag and mountains of laundry… LOL! ((HUGS))