Preparing for Winter- Aran knitting


Squeak is in hibernation mode since the cold weather started.


The back of an aran jumper to be Lovely Husband’s Christmas present. The front is also done, but I need to get a move on with the sleeves.


Outside our little wood mouse “Hunca Munca” (blame Beatrix Potter- I encountered her at an impressionable age) is still gathering the grains the pigeons push off of the bird table. I like to think that she is gathering her own Christmas dinner. She is so sweet even though mice are an official nuisance.


She lives under the slab you can see on the right.

If I stand very still back from the windows, I can sneak the occasional photograph. In this cold weather spare a thought for the birds and put out what you can. Just this morning after sweeping the cherry leaves from the patio, a robin came looking for worms.

It’s starting to feel a bit Christmassy  now I’ve seen my 1st robin redbreast. 🙂

Thank you all so much for your tech suggestions in my last blog post, for replacing being here. I will let you know how I get on over the holidays.

I will always only be an email away whatever I decide.

Friends are the family you choose for yourself.

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  • Squeak looks really comfy. Funny your dog is Squeak and the mouse is Hunca Munca…
    The aran sweater is gorgeous. You are so talented!

  • Lynn says:

    Why are little field mice or voles so adorable outside, but once in the house, I can’t even think about it. I’m terrified of indoor mice. The voles that live in our yard have burrowed and made all sorts of tunnels. They are next to impossible to get rid of. My chickens hardly even pay them attention any more.
    Such beautiful knitting. We typically only have robins once the real cold weather is over. A sign of spring here, not Christmas! An email away, I like that!

  • Karen says:

    Your sweater looks really good! Will you be able to finish in time? Two Bad Mice is my sons’ favorite Beatrix Potter story. It’s fun to read it to them because they laugh so hysterically.

  • Deb says:

    Love Hunka Munca. How sweet you are able to capture her occassionally on camera. It does look cold over there, poor Squeak. Was 32deg C here yesterday, thank goodness cooler today. I love Brians jumper, that is beautiful.

  • Yvonne says:

    The mouse does look cute– outside, not indoors though. We found some mice living in the roof cavity once– and they had brought in the old camellia flowers from the tree outside, and lined their nest with the petals. How sweet was that– but I would have been happier if they had not chosen our roof cavity. You must be a fast knitter– that jumper looks complicated–you’ll have to knit crazily to get the 2 arms done for Christmas.

  • Anne-Lise says:

    Squeak looks so cute and comfy – would like to do the same 🙂
    Going to be a lovely jumper!

  • Grethe says:

    Hi Melanie, Thanks for popping into my blog, glad you do.
    I am sticking to stay blogging. It works fine with me, although I am not as active posting & reading as I used to be. I am on fb as well,I really like that all though it takes a lot of time. Keeps me uptodate with a lot what is going on both quilting and otherwise. I see no problem there at the moment. One may be hacked there as well, but fb itselves helps right away when you report things. One may be as active as one wishes, as long as you write once a month, I think.
    I never get this your blog up on my blog. Must find you myself. All the best, happy finding what will be right for you. Lovely knitting up there, I am looking for yarn today to make a jacket, as if I do not have enough UFOs. Hugs, Grethe. Do hope you may read my fb page through your daughter.

  • Michele says:

    Nice comment about friends! That’s so true! Cute mouse. I can see why you’d want to photograph it.