Early January Makings


This Bareroots candle mat is now with its new owner so I can share it here.


Christmas and New Year were cosy with the family gathered together.


We made Lamb’s Wool and gave the 1st pint to the King of the Orchard in the garden.


The King of the Orchard is the apple tree who produced the most apples that year.

2013 was an outstanding year for apples.


We had lots of family feasts.


With colour coordinated drinks.


January makes me think of ice blues.

I leave the walls empty of quilts for a short time, to create a blank space for inspiration.


I covered my new year journal in scraps from the scrap hamper.

It is now filled with lists of things I want to make in 2014.

That was a fun start to the new year in spite of being laid up with pneumonia.



Carruthers really likes the bucket chairs. I sit in one and he has the other.

They are great to sit and sew in- I can sit cross legged too with is useful.


This Greyhound Quilt evolved from a cup mat idea.

Instead of 14 un-useful cup mats I made them into a border and had horrible maths to work out the middle bit.

It looked unfinished so I completed this top in a deep red border.

The greyhounds are arranged symmetrically according to what the hound is doing.


Bottom left corner.


Bottom right corner.


Left side tiles.


Centre needs stitching next. It is a mix of stitchery motifs to fit the space.


Right side tiles.


Top left corner.


Top right corner.


Finally I have a very overdue finish– Autumn Angel.

She should’ve been done in time for Autumn but life intervened.

I have started the final one Winter Angel. Hopefully it will be ready before Spring.



What is your favourite season?

Mine is Autumn because of the rich leaf colours and blue skies- a beautiful colour combination.

I hope 2014 brings many new colour combinations for us all.

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  • Lovely makings. Carruthers sure knows how to get comfy. I love the Friendship Star he is using. Love the scrappy journal cover, too. Is that a neck tie I see incorporated?

  • Tracy says:

    So sorry you’ve been under the weather… glad you are doing better and back here with us. :o) Me LOVE, love, love the Baretoots mat. ;o) Your embroidery is just exquisite, my friend! And LOVELY feasting during the holidays you had–such wonderful food. Your scrappy journal is GORGEOUS!! The Greyhounds Quilt is beautiful… I love red toiles. BRILL that you took cup mats and made this into a quilt-wonder! The Autumn Angel is very sweet. You are just amazing wih stitcheries, Melanie! It is hard to choose one fave season, for each holds its own special magic, so I love them all in their way. :o) Here’s to LOTS of new in the New Year! ((HUGS))

  • Ulla says:

    For a pneumonia patient you have been really productive! All your projects are lovely but my favourite is the Autumn Angel (and the Bareroots mat), maybe because Autumn is my favourite season.

  • Anne-Lise says:

    Well, haven’t you been busy!! I hope you are well again now.
    I love the colours you used for your journal cover! I look forward to seeing the greyhound quilt with the stitcheries, it’s going to be beautiful!
    I love autumn colours and the crispness in the air as it gets colder, dark evenings and a big basket of needleework by my chair.

  • Dear Melanie,

    your projects are beautiful. You have been really busy. I love the stitched candle mat and your autumn angel.

  • Stephanie says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. Autumn is my very favorite season for the same reasons. You have some wonderful finishes.

  • Candace says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had pneumonia, Melanie! Looks like you were able to sit quietly and stitch away! The greyhound quilt is adorable! Will each of the doggies fight for it?

  • Lynn says:

    Oh no pneumonia. I hope you are feeling better now and that it’s all behind you. I think fallis my favorite season. It’s always nice to have the cooler weather after the summer. Plus the colors and and all. Your angel is so pretty. And I like the hound quilt. I agree it’s a perfect use of those blocks. Caruthers looks so comfy.

  • Annie says:

    Melanie, I am sorry you were sick, I was sick too, so I have not been around the blogs.
    I love all your makings and love the photos of the hounds lounging around!
    I hope you are all well now, Happy New Year!