Quietly Crafting (Craft Olympics- New 3)


I can blog this birthday present now it has arrived in New Zealand with Deb.


It is called Mouse House


By Faeries in my Garden.


She and I are fans of those designs.


There is something  romantic, whimsical and fairy tale about them.


I am making one for myself


But so far only my roof is done.


It will have the same red dot flannel lining as Deb’s.

It is for my 3rd Thimble in the Craft Olympics “New Category.”


Lynn has just welcomed her 1st grandson into the world.


I made this little set for him.


Daughter’s friend is having her baby shower on Friday.


The blanket is ready and crocheted together.


Back view.


Daughter has a peg bag to take to her new house in September. It is the same fabric as the plastic bag dispenser I shared before. Thank you for the fabric Lynn.

Daughter has raised all she needed for the charity for the trip to Peru  (blog link) next month. Thank you all so much who helped her.  She will share the adventure, so we can all fly over the Nazca Lines, and camp up the Amazon, and climb the steps to Maccu Piccu.


I wish I were in her luggage on this fabulous adventure. Instead I will be using our new peg bag with pink roses on blue.


The old bird house one was ragged and sun faded.


See what I mean?


The UK has been having a heatwave, so of course I have been knitting Daughter these rainbow socks with wool from Finland.


I made myself a slouch pair to go with leggings. LOVE rainbows!


With the left overs I made this crochet brooch. This shows the true colour of the yarn.


This is the last of a buddleia davidii which had taken up a 7ft corner of the garden. I like how it looks with the green and lilac of the silk flowers.


This is what I’ve been working on most recently- a dark red Autumn bag for me.


I fussy cut elves and mushrooms to go with rainbow dots for the front pocket.


It is lined in dark red dot fabric.


The back of the outer has a zipped pocket. There is also a grab handle, not just a shoulder strap.


The inside is mushroom themed.


I drew this embroidered mushroom based on the one below.


Magnetic fastenings.


The inner too has a zipped pocket.



I’ve had trouble with my little finger this month. I heard it snap when we were on holiday in June. I didn’t think doctors did much with broken fingers, so I left it. Unfortunately I use that finger a lot (I didn’t know that!), and after a bout of cleaning to help a friend, and then knocking it at home, (it went a funny colour again), I finally saw a doctor today who gave me an x-ray. It turns out I have an avulsion fracture- a bit of bone has broken away in my top little finger joint.  It is now strapped in the snazzy dotty splint, so I shouldn’t bash it so much.  It might even have a chance to heal.

Apologies for not being in Blogland for so long. This heatwave has meant that the UK is having the 1st decent Summer in 7 years. I’ve been catching up with long overdue outside work. I’m glad so many of you have enjoyed the scheduled Road Trip posts. Hopefully life is almost back to normal again.

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